A fan-made Guild Wars 2 dating sim is arriving on Friday to support charity


How would you like to enjoy some amusing Guild Wars 2 dating options without having to actually log in to Guild Wars 2 and find a roleplaying group that supports that? You’ll have that option starting tomorrow with the fan-made Jempire Dating Sim, which releases tomorrow at noon EDT. Yes, it’s a full dating sim, with players taking the role of a guild officer seeking a big gold prize as a reward for “synergizing” with guild members.

It’s worth noting that this has been stated by the makers to not in any way be an April Fools’ joke.

Players have three main girls to pursue, each of which has her own focus in the game ranging from raiding to WvW, along with other supporting characters like your guild leader and an angry Asura screaming in your ear about your awful decisions. The game is both free and safe for work, but those who enjoy the experience are encouraged to donate to charity as a show of support. It’s not an official dating sime encouraging you to date your personal favorite NPC, but it should be a fun ride just the same.

Source: Official Site via Reddit


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Krista Allen

This is really, really stupid

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Cut this shit out Fool’s day is over.

Hikari Kenzaki

It definitely sounds like some guild leaders I’ve met. :)