Black Desert’s guild event gets exploited all up in its face

Donkeys cannot use horse gear.

When there’s a will, there’s a way. And when the devs overlook something that can be abused, there’s an exploit waiting to happen.

Black Desert’s recent Afuaru’s Guild Event didn’t quite cover all of its bases, as a loophole was left open for “mappers” to exploit the game to high heaven. As new accounts could get a special map for free that would result in bonus rewards for everyone in his or her guild, some players figured that they could go all-out in creating multiple accounts, dummy guilds, and grabbing as much loot as they could before the studio closed the loophole.

Well, consider the loophole closed. “We’re sorry to see that some players took advantage of our Afuaru’s Guild Event in a way that was clearly unintended and certainly not in the spirit of the event,” Kakao announced on the forums. “We understand that many of you feel very strongly about this and we share your concerns. We will be taking follow-up action shortly and will announce our decision in the most transparent way that we can soon.”

Cue many cries of “it’s not an exploit!” from the exploiters.

Source: Black Desert. Thanks Vunak!
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