EVE Online players to face massive invasion in the Eclipse quadrant


The EVE Online universe faced a terrifying invasion in 2019 as the Triglavian Collective began sending vast fleets from their homes in Abyssal Deadspace to terrorise New Eden. The ancient race of humans were discovered living in Abyssal Deadspace, pockets of underspace that players can access using Abyssal Filaments. We attacked the collective for months and reverse-engineered powerful Triglavian ships and weapons from them, and they retaliated by launching invasion fleets into constellations across the game.

CCP Games has now announced the third and final chapter of the Invasion expansion storyline is about to kick off, and it looks like it’s going to be incredible. The storyline will unfold in-game over the next several months as part of the newly revealed Eclipse quadrant. This quarterly development period kicks off on April 6th and will also see a series of live events, login campaigns, huge balance changes, and “mysterious new ships and weapons.”

Check out the Eclipse Quadrant trailer below, which has just dropped, and read on for more information:

The Eclipse Quadrant kicks off on April 6th with a new live event called The Hunt that promises some impressive rewards for PvE and PvP players. The Easter-themed event will challenge players to scan down capsules (they’re a kind of eggs, I guess!) spread throughout space and use them to access special event sites with new rewards and materials, including new implants. The encounters will focus on small ship classes such as frigates and destroyers to make them accessible to new players.

PvP players will enjoy a temporary massive boost to their loot as player escape pods destroyed will have a chance of dropping their implants as loot. The third and final instalment of the Invasion storyline also promises to immerse players in a truly galaxy-wide conflict in which players will influence the eventual outcome.

Based on the trailer above, it looks like the Triglavian Collective is changing strategies and players will have to adapt to a changing landscape. It also appears that we’re going to get some new ships and what looks like a chain lightning type weapon system with the potential to seriously hurt large groups!

Source: Press release

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But will they bring the Amarr Empress back, just to kill her again in the next update?

Techno Wizard
Techno Wizard

Walking on Planets eventually? Is Pearl Abyss working on something people avatar-like planetside for EVE Online?

Cool trailer anyway.


No, they screwed up WiS years ago and phased out all existing parts. The developers are also too afraid about facing another shit storm if they introduce any people avatars again.

Aaron Weddle

well pearl abyss cannot do the one thing they are known for unless we have moveable avatar…. boob physics