Space MMORTS Starborne is a ‘go’ for open beta


Space: It’s pretty big. And cold. Also, hot. Also, it smells like burnt metal. Also, it’s the setting for Solid Clouds’ MMORTS, Starborne, which goes into open beta today.

Coupled with changes to make the game more newbie friendly, Starborne’s open beta will give any interested interstellar generals the opportunity to create an empire and watch large-scale drama unfold over the process of 10 weeks. Players can come out on top through military conquest, industrial superiority, or territory control.

There’s apparently plenty of room for everyone to spread out, according to the studio: “Top of the list of new additions is the game map. In an age of procedural generation, the studio has spent four months hand-building a game map coming in at a staggering 825,356 hexes.”

Source: Starborne

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