Crowfall’s latest ACE Q&A covers class design and the safety of the ArtCraft team

Sitting around.

We’ve all gotten accustomed to videos from the Crowfall team, but the latest ACE Q&A video is a little different from usual as it is, well… not in a studio. No, it’s obviously being broadcast from the homes of the staff, and creative director J. Todd Coleman and design director Thomas Blair open the video talking a bit about how ArtCraft Studios is handling the shift from in-person work to remote work. The short version is that it hasn’t been seamless, but they’re also looking on the bright side in terms of letting the team focus more on getting some tasks accomplished.

Fortunately, the entire video isn’t about that; instead, it’s about more substantive development questions like whether or not the other classes are in for redesigns to more closely match the design going on with the new Frostweaver class (the last class always benefits the most from what you learn from development, but other classes will be getting more attention soon) and why certain powers have internal cooldowns (balance issues, really). Check out the video just below, or check out this automatic transcription compiled via Reddit.

Source: Twitch, Reddit

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