Elite Dangerous fully reveals Fleet Carriers, launching in June

Big trucking.

Elite Dangerous is finally getting closer to the fleet carriers content that was originally meant to launch last year, with the reveal of the system in Frontier’s latest video.

“Fleet Carriers are massive ships used as a mobile base of operations, offering multiple hanger bays and various services controlled by you, the Commander,” the studio says. “Fleet Carriers can be customised to fit different playstyles by managing a number of onboard services, which the owner can tailor to fit their needs, and the needs of their fellow Commanders. With a 500ly jump range, Fleet Carriers provide new opportunities for expeditions and long-range travel, the ability to reload, refuel and repair for conflicts and campaigns, as well as tools and storage for mining operations far from home… and much, much more!”

Better hoard your coin, though: It’s gonna run your group 5 billion credits. Hardcore players should obviously read through the whole design doc; the launch is expected in June, with PC beta this month in April and a console beta in May.


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