EVE Online crowns its Champion of Lowsec, posts Pulse video and charity campaign


Last week, EVE Online challenged player alliances and corps to blow up the most stuff possible in the Champions of Lowsec event and offered the most succulent of rewards for EVE players: bragging rights that can be seen across the entire game like a shout or yell broadcast that nobody can turn off. CCP Games has officially crowned its Champion, the alliance known as Snuffed Out.

Details and data on how this event went down are expected in a dev blog next week, but for now the members of Snuffed Out will receive in-game medals as well as a commemorative flag with their logo at CCP’s HQ and an in-game billboard advertisement for an entire month.

Almost immediately, the announcement was beset by claims of cheating, with players claiming that Snuffed Out blew up alts and even one of its own Titans to secure the win, though one of the apparent alliance members refutes the accusation. Either way, enjoy hearing about all that for a month, capsuleers.

Speaking about hearing things ad infinitum, the newest episode of the Pulse is recounting the most recent updates such as the Eclipse quadrant and the Hunt event, the recent Clear Skies machinima marathon (as well as a reveal of a fourth film in the series), and another word about ecosystem management. There are some new details in the video as well, such as the latest Plex for Good campaign which will benefit the WHO’s COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund. Details can be found in the link and in the embedded video below, along with all of the other aforementioned updates.


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