WoW Classic promises ‘relief’ for overcrowded servers


While World of Warcraft Classic is not the absolute beast it was in the first month of its operation, the legacy MMORPG is still seeing servers top 10,000 players apiece, prompting queues a half-year after its launch. A player on one of the top US server, Incendius, posted a picture of a 2,210-long queue that had a 151 minute wait time. Multiple-hour wait times have become standard on select shards even as players can transfer onto those servers.

With players crying out for Blizzard to address the numerous queues that seem to be cropping up, the studio responded by saying that it’s going to do… something…┬áto help.

“We’ve been working on bringing some relief from the queues to the highest-population WoW Classic realms in both the Americas and EU,” Blizzard posted on Twitter. “We’ll roll that out in the coming days, after we test it internally. Thank you for your patience.”

Source: Twitter
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