Dauntless promises improved social features, a revamped central hub, and a hunt for Easter eggs


The interactive (and perhaps a bit too flashy for its own good) development roadmap for Dauntless has seen some fresh updates recently with plans for a social system rework, an update to the Ramsgate central hub, and the Springtide event added to the task list.

On the subject of reworked social features, there are no hard details mentioned in the update post, but it does state that developer Phoenix Labs is looking to make it easier for players to find, connect, and communicate with friends in-game. The goals are improvements to guilds, friend lists, chat, and party management. As for the Ramsgate hub, players should look forward to important NPCs in more convenient locations and what looks like a potion distillery shop, which will come with a new NPC.

In the likely more immediate future of the game, the Springtide Easter event is in the works and will have teams of players corralling critters and seeking eggs in hunts instead of Behemoths. The event will, naturally, bring on new rewards that can be purchased with a limited-time currency, which sounds much more fun than fulfilling a limited-time bounty for a couple of cosmetic rewards.

If it’s been a while since your last visit, a spin around the roadmap floating isles might be worth your time in-between hunts.


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Wish the game would drop its Epic exclusivity and get on Steam. Game’s fun in spurts but not really enough to justify downloading EGS for.

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Tobasco da Gama

I wonder what the new potion NPC will do that Bosun doesn’t.