Dino Squad is a mobile PvP shooter with weapon-wielding dinosaurs now in open beta


Anyone here recall the show/toy line Dino Riders? It was basically a show about people who attached lasers to dinosaurs to battle their foes; the show would see only one season while the related toys saw three series releases according to Wikipedia. Why the random ’80s trivia? Because there’s a new mobile PvP shooter called Dino Squad, which is basically the same premise — dinosaurs with weapons fighting one another — but in mobile game form and currently available in open beta.

Dino Squad comes by way of developer Pixonic and publisher My.Games and lets players take the role of 17 different dinos across three weight classes, from the velociraptor to the T-rex, each with different playstyles, perks, and weapons like rocket launchers, rail guns, or good ol’ fashioned bites and tail slams. Battles can take place across six different maps with environmental hazards like lava pits and wild rivers, while players can enjoy progression via cosmetic and weapon unlocks.

While any character progress earned during open beta will carry over into the full game’s launch, Pixonic is also asking participating players to fill out a survey to share their experiences in-game and help improve it. The game is available for iOS and Google Play. You can also get a quick peek at some gameplay in the video below.

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