The Daily Grind: Which MMO has the best character hair in the genre?


This might sound silly but I care a lot more about any given MMO character’s hair than face. Realistically, I’m never gonna see the face outside of posing for screenshots or cutscenes anyway. My hair, however, is gonna be visible most of the time I’m hiding my hat or helm, which if I’m honest is most of the time in every game that allows that kind of cosmetic tweaking. Unless the hats are awesome. Or unless they are designed to show some hair even when worn, the mark of a really good cosmetic system!

I want long, flowy locks and cool intricate coifs. I want stuff that animates, doesn’t look stiff, and isn’t just 10 variations of mohawks. Above all else, I want hair that doesn’t clip with all the other cosmetic crap I’m gonna layer on.

So let’s hash this very important question out: Which MMO has the best character hair in the genre?

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I’m going to go the opposite way and go with the one I think has the worst hair. I love the game and the gameplay in Warframe, but they suck really bad at doing hair.

They tried and all but it’s just weird, someone needs to teach them some techniques for doing hair.

There have been worse styles and all in games, but the hair in Warframe just looks very fake and strange. Especially compared to the rest of the game world.

Bruno Brito

Considering Blade & Soul allowed my character to be an androginous rockstar with glowing purple lips and vk hair, that’s the MMO that gets my vote.


BDO – Being able to select the length and placement of parts in a hairstyle.


BDO has pretty hair and lots of customization options, CO allows you to mix two haircuts.

In real life not every hat fits every head, the same head with or without hair will also make hats not fit anymore, you can’t have Leia buns and put a baseball cap on top and expect it to fit, if devs wanted, they could fix clipping by having less body customization options, if clipping is the price to pay for more choice i’m fine with it.

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Ashfyn Ninegold

Eh, I dunno. I usually end up with a ponytail of some sort, a braid or a crop because anything else looks awful.

Totally agree. Hair is way more important than face. I always look at the back of an avatar I’m creating, because that’s what I’m going to be looking at 90% of the time. And 90% of hair fails in that view.

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Any MMO that gives me hair physics and allows me to keep my hair if I wear a helmet or a hood will get my money no questions asked… lol

Hikari Kenzaki

Hair is one of the most difficult things to get right in a game. Period.

As for the criteria you set out, it’s simply not something that can be done right now. The more customization you allow, the more likely it will clip and the less likely it will be animated in a way that is satisfactory. Compensating for locks of hair that can have a difference of 6+ inches in length (as is possible in BDO) is nigh impossible.

Developers typically have to take a list of hair qualities (volume, diffusion, spread, animation, clip, style, customization) and pick 2-4 they can make work.

BDO still probably has the most customization in this regard but it’s still going to have clipping issues.


My dwarven Ironbreaker in WAR currently has very similar hair to me in real life which has made me happy! We’re both basically overweight vikings: long braided hair, undercuts and big beards

Beyond that, meh, I always struggle making a character, especially if the character is male. For female characters I find it quite easy, there’s usually more interesting choices and my female chars tend to be middle-aged battle-axes, and grey hair and severe buns are commonplace. For men, most RPGs lack the beard choices that I’d want, or more interesting haircuts. Theres just an awful lot of different length side- and central-partings.

Brown Jenkin

BDO definitely looks great and has amazing character models and customization, that being asid I think GW2 is miles ahead stylistically, Sylvari cuts 4tw!

Dankey Kang

BDO had some very customisable hair, but I like my cat’s hair in ff14.