No Man’s Sky just patched in the Exo Mech update, confirming leaked video


You can have plenty of neat stuff in No Man’s Sky. You can have your own custom base. You can have a frigate and a fleet. You can even have an organic, living ship, which I still contend is gross as hell, but if you want to live your prog rock album cover fantasy, you do you. One thing that you don’t have, however, is a giant stompy robot suit. At least not until the game’s next update, which is live today.

The official Xbox YouTube channel let the bipedal robotic cat out of the bag when it shared a new trailer for No Man’s Sky that featured a player character hopping into a large mech suit known as an Exo Mech and tromp around the landscape. The footage mostly features this new vehicle doing mech stuff like ambling around in what’s probably an uncomfortable manner, firing a laser, using jump jets to leap great distances, and generally looking unfeasible yet awesome all at once, as mechs are wont to do.

The video was swiftly taken down, but not swiftly enough for Holy Mother Internet to snap up copies and distribute them wholesale, not that it mattered, since Hello Games followed up the leak with the formal announcement – and yes, this thing is live right now.

source: YouTube via PC Gamer

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