Marvel Future Revolution hypes up its universe-merging story in a video


I’m going to be honest, specific details are pretty scant here, but there is a new video from the folks at Marvel Future Revolution that talks up the upcoming mobile MMO’s multiverse and its story. Sort of. It’s a lot of lip service, but since the game is a few weeks removed from its PAX East floor time, it’s just nice to know it’s still a thing.

Most of the video featured devs talking animatedly about the storyline potential and excitement that a multiverse arc brings, with at least a couple of devs noting that they’re fans of similar comic arcs like Exiles or Avengers Forever (which will maybe mollify fans that the game isn’t being handled by Marvel lovers). The video also points to the cadre of villains that this multiverse story can introduce, all interspersed with some quick gameplay footage of several characters.

What the video doesn’t detail is when Marvel Future Revolution will become available. What’s in the video, however, is available for your perusal below. And if you’re looking for more (read: substantial) details on this game, make sure to check out Colin’s time with the game during his time at PAX East 2020.

source: YouTube

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