Riot’s Runeterra launches April 30 while COVID-19 slows Valorant


We were just talking on the podcast about how, with everyone stuck at home and looking for gaming outlets, that this is the perfect time to release your product. At least Riot Games is taking advantage of this window, as the studio announced this week that it will be launching its League of Legends card game spin-off Legends of Runeterra on April 30th.

The multiplayer game will kick off on both PC and mobile with over 120 cards and Patch 1.0. Now, if you can’t wait for it to arrive, then you can try to get into the open beta right now. Considering that there will not be a wipe going into the release, it’s effectively a head start. Runeterra is rolling out globally, although China and Vietnam will be excluded for now. Everyone who gets in on the ground floor by May 7th will also be gifted an exclusive Moonstruck Poro Guardian from the studio.

While you’ll have Runeterra to keep you occupied, you might find that you’ll be waiting a little longer for Riot’s Valorant. The beta for the shooter is starting, but COVID-19 has caused delays in the studio’s QA testing process (which includes a lot of hardware checks) and the construction of global data centers for the game.

“With these folks also moving to a work-from-home status, our ability to test and fix some of these things has taken a bit of a hit. So yeah, this means we’ll have to make some compromises,” the studio said.

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