Black Desert brings a water festival and a golden goose event to PC, barbecue missions to mobile


Black Desert and Black Desert Mobile are once more just full of events for players to take part in, including a water festival, golden goose, and refer-a-friend promotion for the PC version, and a barbecue mission event for mobile. Which sounds like something created by a person who takes barbecue very seriously. I can appreciate that sentiment, though. Barbecue is truly serious business.

Let’s keep talking barbecue and look at said event on mobile, shall we? Players can complete three barbecue missions every day to earn barbecue ingredients. Once players get all three ingredients, they can turn them in for a Barbecue Chest item that’s full of various rewards. We’re not sure what rewards there are. Ideally, they’re slathered in mop sauce. Get it? Mop sauce? MOP?

As for the PC version of Black Desert, there are even more events to take part in. There’s Mystical Ellie’s Water Festival which gives a wide swath of consumables, materials, and other rewards, and the golden goose event that lets players complete a quest which rewards a choice of one of several different types of eggs that contain boosts, weapons, crystal shards, or XP boosts based on the egg selected. Finally, there’s a two week-long refer-a-friend promotion that gives players goodies when friends use a referral ID and buy the game.

There’s more to the PC update as well, including an update to the Abandoned Monastery zone that adds stronger monsters and a new Dawn Earring reward, a new Cabin skill for the Epheria Carrack, and a variety of class adjustments. All of those changes are outlined in the notes.

source: Black Desert PC site (1, 2, 3, 4), Black Desert Mobile site

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