Corepunk’s quarterly update removes gender locks, talks business model and masteries


Corepunk, the isometric MMORPG from Dutch developer Artificial Core, has shared its quarterly progress report, which has confirmed the removal of gender-locked hero choices, provided a peek at the mastery system and the game’s world, and offered details on the game’s business model.

Previously, gender locking was a temporary solution while the developers worked on the rest of the game, claiming that removing gender locks would represent “a significant amount of work.” After player feedback, however, the devs have somehow magically found a way to fit the removal of gender locks into their pipeline, letting players fully customize their character. The update also talks about a mastery system that lets players effectively choose weapon specializations like two-handed swords, sword and shield, or bows as an example. More details on this system will be provided in the next livestream, which is scheduled for sometime in early May.

The update also confirms that Corepunk will be a buy-to-play title with optional cosmetics from a battle pass and an in-game shop. The post assures players that there will not be any boosters or items that affect gameplay on offer. The quarterly update also provides a look at some fresh artwork for some of the game’s location and creatures. All in all, it’s a pretty informative chunk of information.

If you’ve perhaps forgotten about Corepunk, it’s an in-development MMO with various activities like solo and four-person dungeons, raids, a camp system, crafting and gathering, opt-in PvP, and guild features among other things. This promising bit of MMOARPG gaming has gotten our notice as one of 2020’s games to watch and is seeking to hit open beta by the end of this year.

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