Skyforge releases its fifth anniversary expansion with progression system updates, celebratory event


It’s been the subject of most of Skyforge’s news, and now it’s finally arrived. After a brief delay, the fifth anniversary update has gone live, which not only celebrates the milestone but brings a new progression system, a new nightmare mode, and a new invasion.

Since it’s the spring season, it only makes sense to fight plant monsters, right? Thus the Phytonides are attacking the world of Aelion, granting players some new rewards to rake in with the related Invasion Pass including a unique Divine Form Wakan cosmetic look. There’s also the Invasion Atlas progression system for players to chart, which ties into the new nightmare mode difficulty for an added challenge and more rewards. Of course, being a fifth anniversary update, there’s a celebratory event to take part in that grants players a wide swath of cosmetics. Basically, it’s a reasonably well-stocked update.


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Huh. Hadn’t played this game in probably 2 years and redownloaded it yesterday just out of quarantine induced boredom and I have to admit…..I’m strangely having a lot of fun with it. So much has changed, I’m easily earning the cash shop currency in game to unlock the new classes and such all in all, not the best game in the world but still a lot of fun to be had surprisingly.