TERA declares Kaia’s War – and no egg thief is safe


A war has begun in TERA — but would you expect anything else? En Masse Entertainment dropped the Kaia’s War content update, with new dungeons, more rewards for PvE battlegrounds, a reduced skill grind, and adjustments to who can participate in the Civil Unrest feature.

The studio makes this update sound like the perfect way to spend a few weeks cooped up inside: “In addition to our normal dungeon events, we’ve updated the loot tables for more than a dozen dungeons, and also adjusted their adventure coin costs to make it easier than ever to gear up your characters.”

TERA also has a couple of events running right now. The Courageous Card event is running through May 5th and offers card fragments and other rewards for running certain dungeons and battlegrounds. And because the console edition is celebrating its second birthday (and because it’s close to Easter), there’s an event to go hunting egg thieves for crafting mats to make currency to get rewards. It’s a bit roundabout, but the end product might be worth it for you.

Source: TERA
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