World of Warcraft previews the class changes arriving in Shadowlands

Sometimes it just makes sense.

If you had hoped that perhaps now you weren’t going to need to learn how to play your class all over again with the arrival of World of Warcraft: Shadowlands… well, that was always just wishful thinking. Of course you expected that because that’s always what happens. And yes, as part of the whole un-pruning of abilities, lots of classes and specs will see new things changed, new abilities rotated into baselines, and new basic mechanics implemented. Fortunately, you can find out about much of that now, as the developers have put out the initial set of plans and changes.

Among the bigger changes are Holy Power coming back for all Paladin specs while Shaman loses Maelstrom on Enhancement and Elemental. Several specs also see a return to allowing a choice of arsenal, like two-handed Frost Death Knights or dual-wielding Brewmaster Monks. There are also several returning abilities that either have fun uses (Eyes of the Beast for Hunters) or have long been missed (Touch of Death for Monks or poisons for all Rogue specs), and you’ll want to read carefully to see how your particular class will be changing once the expansion rolls out.

In smaller but significant WoW Classic news, free server transfers for select realms are being opened up so you can move your character from one of the higher-queue servers to a smaller one if you’d like.

Source: Official Site, Icy Veins; thanks to Utakata for the tip!
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