Jagex cancels RuneScape’s RuneFest 2020, considers ‘alternative virtual events’


Another gaming event, this one specific to MMORPGs, is closing its doors this year thanks to the pandemic: Jagex announced this afternoon that it’s canceling this year’s RuneFest, the live event in the UK that plays host to RuneScape fans across the world.

“In light of the current COVID-19 situation, we’re in the impossibility to lock down our plans and work with venues in preparation for RuneFest 2020. Regrettably, this led us to take the decision that we will not be able to host our favourite event this year. Instead, we’re looking at alternative virtual events that will go some way to filling the void until we can begin planning the next RuneFest – which will be the biggest and best we’ve ever done! More details will be shared as soon as possible.”

Last year’s RuneFest was held in early October, meaning this event is being dismissed pretty darn far in the future.

Source: Twitter
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