Star Trek Online resolves PC bugs while launching First Contact Day on consoles

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The level of excitement to feel over the newest Star Trek Online will depend entirely on whether you are playing on console or on PC. If you’re on PC… well, this patch has bug fixes. There were issues with accidentally setting players AFK sometimes after the Model Rocket event, for example, and that has been fixed. Issues with some patrols have been fixed. You get the idea. Necessary fixes, but not particularly interesting ones.

Meanwhile, if you’re on console, this is the patch that actually unlocks the First Contact Day event and allows you to make progress toward a specialized universal console while building model rockets or taking part in a shootout against time-traveling Borg operatives. That’s a rather different experience. Whichever platform you’re on, the patch will lead to a better experience in the game, but it’s pretty indisputable that one of those changes is a bit meatier than the other.


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I’d hold off on the “has been fixed” part. Some players are still reporting they’ve been marked AFK even after fully completing the event. And when I ran it just now there was a new problem I encountered where picking up a part for the rocket was not registering properly.

They also added a voiceover when the part does register, so…yay?