EVE Online celebrates player generosity with free gifts, prepares a Surgical Strike on April 15


The Plex for Good initiative led by EVE Online is one of the game’s most notable and effective philanthropic causes, raising over $570,000 with various campaigns since 2005. That much generosity is worth celebrating and CCP Games looks to do just that with free gifts for players. Simply log for four days between now and Thursday, April 16th, to get all of your free goodies.

Speaking of Plex for Good, consider this your friendly reminder of the latest campaign and its efforts to benefit the World Health organization’s COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund.

In other EVE news, the Surgical Strike update is coming soon, which will nerf modules that increase shield or armor resistances by 20%, removes support fighter tubes and adds one extra heavy fighter tube for super carriers, and makes a number of specific nerfs to subcarriers like the Muninn, the Eagle, and the Loki. The update will also introduce a 15% increase to the damage of all close range Tech II ammo excluding exotic plasma.

The idea is to bring “bloodier fights, [fewer] stalemates, and a huge cross-sectional shift in the fitting meta” to EVE Online. These adjustments should be on the test server soon and are due to the live game this coming Wednesday, April 15th.


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