Shadow Arena drops hero video, plans big changes ahead of final beta

Yeah, they're finally nerfing Goyen


With its final beta coming up in just a week, Shadow Arena studio Pearl Abyss is ramping up the hype machine. Today’s hook is in the form of a new hero highlight video for the Black Desert-spinoff battle royale’s swordsman toon. “The first video highlights the skills and combos for the swordsman Jordine Ducas,” PA notes. “Jordan is a well-balanced character that can easily be picked up by new players.”

Ahead of the test, PA has introduced AI matches for newbie players, testing out new heroes, or just chilling out and relaxing with co-op. The studio has likewise tweaked the game’s gear – something we’d pointed out as a problem during our own playthroughs – and adjusted mob spawning, the fog-shrinking-circle-of-doom, the point system, hero balancing, and new normal matches. Plus, the devs are nerfing Goyen – again, something both our PvP columnist and BDO columnist said needed to happen.

Need a key for the final beta beginning on April 17th? We’ve got plenty to pass around right here, and you can peek at the video while you wait.

Source: Press release, patch preview

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