Tangential multiplayer note writing title Kind Words sees an uptick in players


With most of the world still in isolation, is it a wonder that a game that effectively seeks to offer words of encouragement is getting some traction? That looks to be the lightning in a bottle situation for Kind Words (lo-fi chill beats to write to), a multiplayer title of sorts that has you sitting in a bedroom, listening to some chill music, and sending out and replying to notes anonymously to others playing the game. Kind Words comes by way of developer/publisher Popcannibal and was first launched on Steam in September 2019; it’s seen at least one update in November that added new music and other adjustments.

If user reviews on Steam are any guide, the game appears to be a cathartic experience for many, with several reviews noting the title helped with anxiety issues and calling the game’s community wholesome and supportive. “Please get it. Even if you don’t need help, someone may need yours,” notes one review, while another calls Kind Words “an absolute must buy for very little money for these strange and difficult times.”

Many seem to be seeking out the oasis that the game brings, with developer Ziba noting that 17,157 messages were sent this past Sunday and Steamcharts showing a 20% increase in player concurrency in March and in the last 30 days. The overall all-time peak is small — 360 players — but those hundreds of players appear to be eager to prop one another up.

Ultimately, Kind Words should likely not be considered a replacement for legitimate mental therapy, but if you’re among those needing some written warmth in these strange times, this game might be worth your notice.

sources: Steam (1, 2), Twitter, Steam Charts
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