Daybreak has apparently closed its Z1 Battle Royale test server

Trash pandas.

Hey there, who likes testing out new updates on the Z1 Battle Royale (also known as H1Z1 on PC and a few dozen other names) test server? I’ll give you all a few moments to stop laughing about that one. Yes, it’s a game that has long seemed to be on its last legs, a weird shambling mess of a game that has barely anything left to it, much like the zombies that at least at one point were a major focus of the title. But now… well, it has actually pulled its test server altogether.

The official announcement on Steam states that the test server was pulled at the request of the publisher, which raises questions about why… questions which can be answered with moments of speculation, none of it positive. Truth be told, there’s no real way to know why the test server has been pulled, but it definitely does seem to indicate that there will be a paucity of future updates to test.

For those of you who have forgotten about Z1 Battle Royale on PC, it’s understandable as it has been languishing for quite some time. Following layoffs around the game a year ago, the PlayStation 4 version has at least seen some forward motion with the classic Z2 map (after an extended season), but the PC version has floundered in silence even with a brief spike in player numbers thanks to player-run campaigns. Notably, the title wasn’t even mentioned in Daybreak’s studio split, for perhaps understandable reasons.. (Remember when Just Survive had more players than this and still got shuttered? We do.)

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