Star Wars: The Old Republic shakes up its release schedule thanks to the pandemic


If there is one thing that the business world is discovering in the era of COVID-19, it’s that there are limitations to what can be done remotely from home. While MMO studios like BioWare have done their best to adapt to the social distancing lockdown, not everything can be done from one’s living room. Because of this, Star Wars: The Old Republic announced that it’s had to rearrange its release schedule. Yes, it’s a couple of delays.

According to the team, Update 6.1.1 is being delayed a week to April 21st and won’t feature the Dxun operation master mode that was planned (there will be a month-long double XP event to compensate, however). The bigger change is the gutting of June’s Update 6.2, which has been downgraded to Update 6.1.2 due to the studio not being able to record the necessary voice actors. At least the latter update will include the Dxun operation master mode and a Swoop biker rally-themed event.

“Like us, the voiceover studios where we record dialogue around the world are also eager to ensure the health and safety of their staff and actors, and have postponed all in-studio recording activities,” BioWare said. “As y’all know, our cast is pretty huge; some actors do have in-home recording capability, but unfortunately, many others understandably do not.”

Source: SWTOR

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