WRUP: Why I stole your cell phones and what I did with them on May 14th, 2013 edition

hotline bling

Ryan Neibler (44) of Oceanside, Long Island: It was very important that I text my best friend a list of wombat facts I had just learned and my phone was in my backpack. Getting it out would have been too difficult. That doesn’t really justify me saying I was the cell phone police, hanging up on your mother as I pulled the phone from your hands, but I only looked through your private pictures for like half an hour afterwards.

Mary Oswald (31) of Oakland, CA: Your lock screen was dumb so I threw it on some train tracks. The lock screen, I mean. The rest of the phone went with it.

Father Lorenzo Martinez (53) of Moosehead, ME: I actually am part of the cell phone police and recognized your cellular phone as notorious shapeshifting phone criminal Pedro El Cruel who intended to steal all of the yams you had in your house. That doesn’t really justify me saying that I needed to text my best friend wombat facts.

Carol Hapsburg (67) of Paris, TX: I thought you were a robot from the planet Brabso and so you’d be cool with using your phone to answer What Are You Playing. Planet Brabso knows what’s up. I know this because I too have radar.

Bonus question: Do you tend to take naps, and if so, how often?

Andrew Ross (@dengarsw): I’ve entered the “end game” for Animal Crossing New Horizons and have started major terraforming construction on my town to try to understand the limits of this thing… and to recreate certain feelings/towns from Asheron’s Call for double AC action. Pokemon Go will see some play too, mostly passively as I try to make sure I get out of the house instead of staying glued to my butt.

I don’t usually take naps, though I probably should. Most of the time it’s 15-20 minutes, but I know there have been times where I’ve been so exhausted that I’ve slept through alarms.

Andy McAdams: I’ve been particularly non-committal to any particular game outside of Animal Crossing lately. So, I’ll probably play some Final Fantasy XIV, Surviving Mars, and I’m going to pick up Elite Dangerous again and see if its any less grindy than before. I also might pick up anything else that catches my fancy.

Naps: If I take a nap its late afternoon/early evening. I never nap for more than 30-40 minutes. I have to stick in that timeframe generally. If I sleep too long, I wake up more tired and grumpy to boot. After 30-40 minutes of light dozing, I wake up a little bit more energized.

Ben Griggs (@braxwolf): I’ll likely be wandering around in No Man’s Sky a little bit as I’ve recently picked it back up. Looks like my last save was in 2018, so it’s been longer than I thought! Also, a little World of Warships. I’ve just unlocked the Baltimore (T8 American cruiser) and am bound and determined to not be a detriment to my team in her. Only way to so that is to…be a detriment to my team until I can learn how to play her!

I used to not be able to sleep during the day at all. Ever since I hit about 35, it hasn’t been much of an issue. I don’t know if it is my age or having four busy kids, but I can now fairly easily “rest my eyes” on any given afternoon. So much so, that I remember one year my wife asked me what I wanted to do on our summer vacation. The very first thing that came to mind: take a nap!

Brianna Royce (@nbrianna, blog): I’ll be in my usual haunts – leveling some toons in City of Heroes, working on some droids in Star Wars Galaxies Legends. They are nice, comfy, low-stress diversions right now, and I make no apologies for indulging.

I never nap unless I’m sick – it’s one of the ways I know I’m sick enough to need the rest, since otherwise I would never be able to fall asleep in the middle of the day. Plus, I stick to a pretty strict sleep schedule to keep the insomnia at bay. Napping wrecks that!

Carlo Lacsina (@UltraMudkipEX): For some reason I started doing the new extreme trial on FFXIV and now I’m invested. I’ll probably be spending the next few days clearing that fight. Other than that, it’ll be the Final Fantasy VII Remake! The game is really pretty, and I’m totally with team Jessie now.

Bonus question: back in the “before times” when we could go out to party, my wife and I took “disco naps” so we’d have the energy to stay up past 10 pm. Recently I haven’t been napping though, but I prefer it that way. I’m not a huge fan of sleeping and the day we invent a device that allows us to skip sleep like in Chrono Trigger, you can count on me to be first in line to buy it.

Chris Neal (@wolfyseyes, blog): This weekend is pretty much like the last several; Animal Crossing New Horizons stuff, events with the guildmates in Final Fantasy XIV, and I’ve got the itch to peer both in to City of Heroes Homecoming and No Man’s Sky. I also picked up and want to try The Procession to Cavalry, which looks like a point-and-click adventure game done in the style of Monty Python’s animated segments. Should be a goofy good time, which is pretty much what I need right now.

I don’t nap terribly often unless I’m not feeling well or I didn’t have a really good night’s rest. When I do nap, it’s not terribly often – one or two hours, tops. I’m not a napper.

Eliot Lefebvre (@Eliot_Lefebvre, blog): Still plugging away at my many, many projects in FFXIV, and I also caved and wound up getting FFVII Remake which I hadn’t originally been planning on. The reviews were good enough! Beyond that, I really don’t know, although part of me feels like I should take advantage of World of Warcraft’s experience boost.

I can’t nap unless I’m sick. Which is a shame; sometimes I could really use it, but alas.

Justin Olivetti (@Sypster, blog): I’ve been going through 1993’s Space Quest V for the very first time, so obviously I’m on the cutting edge of entertainment. I’m dabbling with a new Captain in Lord of the Rings Online and working to uncover the ups and downs of Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire’s maps. Grinding mount masteries is a pain!

Mia DeSanzo (@neschria): My son picked up No Man’s Sky, so I will be jumping into his game off and on. Other than that, I have no idea. It has taken me a few minutes to get started every time I sit down to game because I have a wide variety to choose from and I am just feeling pretty meh about everything. I am still playing Revelation Online and I am still playing Black Desert. I have been thinking about playing Tree of Savior again. I may just pack it in and spend the weekend drawing or crocheting in front of the TV, watching whatever the kids want.

I love naps. They don’t really interfere with my ability to sleep at night (or any other time I stop moving for more than 10 minutes). Waking up from naps is weird though. I just woke up from one a little while ago and my first thought was, “Does being a cyborg affect Robocop’s ability to get promotions and raises?” (I have no idea where that came from, but the answer is definitely yes.)

Samon Kashani (@thesamkash): Couple of interesting betas have caught my attention, Fractured and Starborne. Since Starborne is an RTS with long times to complete take, it leaves you enough time to play another game too.

Naps? Ain’t nobody got time for that. If I somehow have the time available for a nap, I’ll just drink some coffee and find a game to play.

Tyler Edwards: I recently picked up We Happy Few on a Steam sale, so that’s looking like the most likely contender right now. Not really sure what to expect from it, but the premise sounds like the kind of creepy I’d enjoy. I might also poke around Wolcen some more. My poison-based necromancer has morphed into an elementalist necromancer, and it’s so much fun. While my pets distract the enemy, I can hang in the back and light everything on fire. It’s wonderful.

Bonus question: No, not at all. I have always struggled with getting to sleep. I’m lucky if I manage six or seven hours in a night, and sleeping during the day is just not going to happen. Even when I was a very small child, my parents quickly gave up on trying to get me to nap because it was simply a lost cause.

Pierre, patron: The Last of Us: I’m closing to the end. I really enjoy the last third of the game, where action and combat is less prevalent than before, and a lot of narrative takes place, a lot of bonding between the main characters and a lot of very emotional scenes. I love it. If you have a PS4 and never played this fantastic video game, please do me a favor and try it. And as with many other people in the world, this weekend will be dedicated to Final Fantasy VII Remake. FFVII is my favorite RPG of all times, the first Final Fantasy I ever played and what a game too. So basically, this weekend, I’m extremely lucky as I will play my two favorite games ever, the top of my own video game podium; it’s going to be a memorable weekend. Sorry MMOs, no time for you this weekend, but The Elder Scrolls Online will be back sooner than later in the near future.

Bonus question: I never take naps, except for when sports exhaust me so much that I fall asleep on my couch in a Sunday afternoon. I’m a runner, and I run marathons. Marathon training involves very tiring sessions, long ones (1.5-2 hours) every week, often on Sundays because there’s more time available, and interval training once a week. This one is my weekly nightmare, but so efficient to run faster. After these sessions, I’m often so exhausted that I end up falling asleep on my couch and taking a forced nap to recover. Otherwise, I don’t really feel the need to take naps, and if I take one, I know I will feel dizzy and uncomfortable for a while after waking up. So, it’s not really my cup of tea.

As for you MOP readers, what’s your weekend gaming program to relax in these stressful times?

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Been playing some Divinity: Original Sin 2 lately with some friends. It’s good to be back to RPG roots and i’ve been having a blast going through the storyline. The game is huge!

I’ve also been playing the game of “dealing with Ubisoft support”. The story goes like this:

I bought Star Trek: Bridge Crew Oculus version as i’ve heard that VR is not a requirement for the game any more. After the purchase, i get a CD key which i was unable to activate. I raise a ticket. At the same time, i read online that if you want to do non-VR, you have to buy the Vive version. So i do that – can’t activate yet again. I update the ticket.

Since the support is taking forever, i end up buying the Steam version (which was more expensive) just so i can play it, and it ties it to my Uplay account and i can play it. I update the Uplay ticket stating “please refund only the Oculus and Vive versions of the game, and leave the Steam one alone as it’s working”.

Support finally comes back and says “ok cool, refunded the Oculus and Vive versions of the game”. I’m sure you can see what the kicker is – they also removed the Steam version and now i can’t play the game at all. Fun stuff..

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I haven’t been doing a lot of MMO’ing lately, mostly puttering around on my private WoW server. My in-laws usually come over for Easter, but since my wife and her parents fall in the the high risk category, they dropped off the kids’ baskets yesterday. I’ll probably do more tinkering, and some single player gaming (I’m in the middle of Wanderlust: Travel Stories). Easter service is online this year, although I’ll probably head to the top of the hill in my backyard to watch the sunrise this morning.
Stay safe out there.


I’ve been playing WoW Retail leveling an Alt and getting further into expansions with that leveling buff (for example if you choose Wrath at lvl 60 you only get half way through Grizzly Hills before hitting 80 at which point you get diminishing returns on exp from quest and mobs, but with the 100%xp buff I was able to do most of that Troll Zone before I experienced diminishing returns around lvl 85). Other than that I get baked and read Marvel Unlimited, just finished the Skrull Invasion and moved on to Dark Reign.


Kind of in a gaming burnout at the moment, not really sure what to play for the time being. ESO I’ve been mostly just hopping on for the daily anniversary stuff and grabbing the login reward. XIV I might push through the relic stuff but don’t really feel like there’s any rush for that. Teamfight Tactics and Bombergrounds have been sort of my lazy go-tos. May also find a singleplayer game to start sinking into like finally giving Arkham Knight a go.

The Weeb formerly known as Sray
The Weeb formerly known as Sray

Not much gaming this week. Still very little energy at the end of the day for gaming; plus there’s nothing that’s catching my attention at the moment.

I’m looking for a brain dead action game. A real button masher. Not Devil May Cry. If it’s PC only it must be available on storefronts other than just Steam. I don’t care if it’s on Steam, but I won’t buy it if it’s ONLY on Steam. I’d prefer some type of beat’em up, but I’m not opposed to shooters.

Naps? They’re my best friend. Whenever I can, I nap for however long I can.

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Ashfyn Ninegold

I reached 791 paragon on my solo Barb in Diablo 3. Then I got sidetracked by trying to master a Barbarian Set Dungeon, which is probably some of the worst content D3 has and it insists on every season. My baseline is hate on it, so I have to get in a really good mood to do it.

To perk myself up, I began doing the ESO Anniversary crafting event, putting all 8 of my alts through 7 crafting writs every day to get the awesome loot from the anniversary rewards. Completely worth it, so that’s on for this weekend.

I’ll continue leveling my Death Knight and Paladin in BfA while the 100% XP boost lasts. After my Hunter, these are my two favorite classes in WoW. I’m only doing this because BfA content is so boring, the idea of being able to do only half as much is extraordinarily appealing.

Keeping an eye on Bellular Gaming for updates about the Shadowlands alpha as Mike Bell is in the alpha. Still on the fence as to whether Blizz has doubled-down on all their bad designs decisions or whether Shadowlands will be a ray of sunshine. Hoping for sunshine.

Sleep is a commitment. I never nap.

Bruno Brito

Hoping for sunshine.

Aren’t we all.


This week: Pigtails crossings, new horizons. Or least that what I just dreamed about… o.O

Also this week: WoW and LynStar.

Bonus Answer: …I just had one. Can’t you tell? O.o

Have a great week and weekend folks! And stay safe! <3


I’m playing Neverwinter. Leveling up a cleric. I also login to STO to do the event.

Also I’m playing Endless Space 2 on the side.


Going to be diving into X4: Foundations pretty heavily. Been keeping an eye on it for the last year or so as it was a mess when it launched. Looks like the latest update and the new expansion fixed stuff up enough that it’s in a playable state now. Having it go on sale helped too. Did some of the tutorials last night and it feels pretty good. Now to build a stellar empire.

Bonus question: Do you tend to take naps, and if so, how often?

Almost never. Only exception is if I’m really sick but even then it’s hard.

That’s about it for me this time around. Have a great weekend, everyone.

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This weekend will be more Albion & Apex. I have always been a gatherer/crafter in almost every game I’ve played, and, boy-howdy, does Albion scratch that itch. In Apex, I always enjoy the various events and am very happy that they brought back Kings Canyon, even if on a rotational basis. I may swing by Skyforge for the Anniversary event.

I almost always take naps. I tend to be a night owl, so I never get enough sleep at night. So a mid-late afternoon nap usually happens, especially before starting dinner. I try to keep it between 15-25 minutes, but have been known to ignore alarms.