Tactical MMO Atlantica Global opens up a new server with new language support

What even is this game, does anyone know?

Atlantica Global has opened up an all new server for players to hop in to the game from the start, featuring new language support for Spanish, Portuguese and Simplified Chinese, which means more people around the world can try out the title more comfortably.

The server is being pushed in the direction of new players specifically, though there are a couple of important restrictions that potential players will want to note. For one, the otherwise cross-server Titan server will not be available to those who play on this server, and cross-market features will also not be available, meaning this new server is effectively its own little island. That said, the max level cap will be at 200 — the same as the other servers.

Players can look forward to some in-game events and package sales to celebrate the new server’s opening. For those who are curious to learn more, the official site has a brief FAQ on this new server.

source: press release

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