Dauntless discusses new monsters, more Escalation modes, and concepting for its next weapon


During a video conference interview with Phoenix Labs marketing director Nick Clifford, fans were treated to some general info about what the studio is planning next for Dauntless, including a rough idea of when to expect new monsters and Escalation modes to play in and a new weapon to wield.

Clifford explained that added Escalation modes, which also add in a new Behemoth to fight at the tail end of the higher levels of the mode, should be arriving approximately every quarter, which hits a “sweet spot” for thoughtfully developing the new encounters and giving players new things to do. The devs are also working on additional things for the game such as more island experiences and additional armors and weapons, and Clifford stressed the game adding updates every two weeks, whether it’s larger content updates or things like bug fixes or quality-of-life patches.

As for when the next weapon will arrive, we’re likely going to wait some time: Clifford explained that the new weapon is currently in the concept phase and wasn’t really able to say much beyond that. He did mention in the interview that the combat team is looking at a rework for the sword weapon, saying it was due for a “facelift.”

Clifford also discussed Dauntless’ distant future, stating that Phoenix Labs has aspirations to make the game “the largest free-to-play MMO in the world,” effectively making itself the PvE players’ Fortnite in terms of scale. That ideal comes with the knowledge that the game is a multi-year journey, with expansion into mobile, additional regions, and in additional languages.

Most of the interview is a bit on the fluff side, but the final few minutes at least are perhaps worth your time watching in the embed below.

source: YouTube
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