Sea of Thieves looks back at updates, events, and crossovers from this past March


If you haven’t been following Sea of Thieves too closely this past month, then there’s no need to worry; the folks at Rare Ltd. have cobbled together a retrospective for the month, lashed together with bad puns and good humor.

The major release, of course, was Heart of Fire, which came out with all sorts of deadly new toys for digital swashbucklers to wield and a new Tall Tale to chase. There was also the marking of the game’s second anniversary, which featured freebies, a free-play weekend, and some new crossover goodies for players to purchase. Speaking of crossover stuff, the month of March was flush with them, including livery for games like Viva PiƱata, Ori and the Blind Forest, and Bleeding Edge. There was also a cheeky nod to the release of the new Animal Crossing game.

If you’re looking to catch up on all things Sea of Thieves from this March gone, then you can take it all in yourself. Though from our perspective, April’s already looking better purely because the game has cats now.


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