Fallout 76’s large-scale Wastelanders update is officially live — here are the patch notes

One one one.

It’s been a long and oftdelayed time coming, but Fallout 76 has finally lit the fuse on the bottle rocket that is the Wastelanders update.

At this point, everyone reading this is likely familiar with all this update is meant to bring: human NPCs, new quests, C.A.M.P. allies, new items and gear, new foes, and an official arrival on Steam. What’s different this time around is that Bethesda has published a full set of update notes that outlines everything being added, from weapons to repeatable daily quests and events to the new reputation systems.

The update sizes are beefy, with 70 GB for consoles, 54 GB through the Bethesda launcher, and about 68 GB via Steam. So you’ve got a little bit of time to read through what’s new.




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