Final Fantasy XIV kicks off an eight-day free login campaign

All over again.

It sounds a little bit cliche, but now really is the perfect time for a lot of people to explore MMOs that might not have caught your imagination the first time. Final Fantasy XIV’s team is encouraging people to come back and try the game out again with a new free login campaign that lasts for eight days after the first login, meaning you have more than a week to log in, meet up with people, and see if you want to dive back into adventures across Eorzea and beyond.

As always, eligible players are those with an inactive account that has been inactive for 30 days, and the eight days start from your first login until eight days have passed or until May 17th, when the event itself ends. So if you’ve felt like checking out the game again, now is the perfect time.

On an unrelated but illustrative moment for the community, a march was held on what appears to be the Zalera server in a memorial for a player who passed away due to COVID-19. You know, if you needed to see that “FFXIV has a strong community” meme in action.

One of the players in the online community for FFXIV passed away from COVID-19, so all the players all over the world came together for a memorial march from gaming


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Nice, i was thinking of checking out the game again so this is perfect timing. Thanks for the heads up!