Over a thousand people rolled toons in Ship of Heroes’ impromptu beta


Ship of Heroes had been making the best of the COVID-19 stay-home mandates with an impromptu beta test. Now that the test is done, Heroic Games has posted up a debrief for the playerbase, complete with a ream of new images of the game.

“The event was a resounding success – more than twice as many people created characters and jumped into the city this time as did during our formal character creator Beta back in November,” the studio writes. “By our count, 1,277 people participated. More than 25 characters were leveled to 20, which was the event limit, over the last two weeks. That required a lot of street sweeping.”

“We collected a few stats about the characters that were created during the event. First, 43% used the male model, 42% used the female model, and 15% used the big guy model. Devastators were the most popular class, at 36%, with brawler in second place at 25% and tanks at 21%. Support characters were 12% and controllers were 5% of the hero population. Restorative Nanites was the most popular single powerset, with 399 examples, and fiery melee was the most popular offensive powerset (274) followed closely by dark magic blast (257). But every possible powerset was tested extensively.”

The next event is scheduled for later this spring, so you won’t have long to wait if you want to get back in there. Our own MJ Guthrie even took a dip into the game alongside Heroic boss Casey McGeever.

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