PSA: Funcom is having a week-long sale on games and DLC on Steam


Funcom’s execs are driving prices so low, you’d think they’re giving away the house. They’re not, though. They’re giving away most of the house. Basically there are a lot of sales happening on Steam for various Funcom titles and game DLCs.

In synopsis, players can enjoy discounts of up to 60% on titles like Moons of Madness, Conan Unconquered, and Hide and Shriek among others. There are also DLC sales, with bundles for Age of Conan, bundles for Anarchy Online, and even bundles for Secret World Legends on offer.

If you’ve been waiting for some of those Steam prices to drop, it looks like your patience has finally paid off.

source: Steam

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Castagere Shaikura

Call me when Anarchy Online drops the sub.

Malcolm Swoboda

Honestly, I have all I wanted from that list, and its not like SWL’s Supernatural Bundle is remotely worth its discounted price.


Nah. They burned me good with the switch from SW to SWL. Not interested in spending my money with them any longer.

Now, if they were to bring a fully remastered and recoded, but NOT redesigned, version of Anarchy Online? Then I would have something to think about.