RuneScape adjusts the Shattered Worlds (with help from the Ninjas), Jagex gives over $125k to charity


Normally, I don’t think many are in the habit of thanking ninjas for what they do, but in the case of RuneScape’s Ninja Team, some gratitude is likely due as their efforts have revamped the Shattered Worlds area. That’s the headline of this week’s update details.

  • Yes, the Ninja Team of JMods have unleashed a strike on the Shattered Worlds region, bringing a variety of new objectives, some new rewards, and a related UI update as well. The patch notes in the link above have all of the salient details.
  • Archaeology has seen another little hotfix with features like a popup alert if you try to excavate with a full inventory and excavation not stopping due to the spacebar being struck to advance the chatbox that appears when an artifact is found. Once again, those details are in the patch notes.
  • The early access Android version of RuneScape is being offered to those without a subscription for a limited time in order to help ease the boredom of needing to stay indoors for long periods of time due to COVID-19.
  • Speaking of COVID-19 efforts, Jagex is once more helping mental health charities with a £100,000 (just over $125,000 USD) donation to its mental health charity partners. This is in addition to Jagex’s already-scheduled RuneScape Mental Health Awareness Week and the company’s joining in the #PlayApartTogether global games initiative to support social distancing. One such message from CEO Phil Mansell is in the video below.

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