Heroes of the Storm adds new Dark Nexus skins and a tests a new feature for defensive towers


Hey look at that, Heroes of the Storm has had a couple of new updates! Neat! Blizzard’s MOBA is kicking off another Dark Nexus-themed event and is introducing another new Nexus Anomaly testing feature in the live season that seeks to make defensive towers a little better.

Fragments of the Dark Nexus effectively lets players reap a bunch of spooky rewards such as new mounts, bundles full of emoji and sprays, and thematic skins for Deathwing, Fenix, Tassadar, Gul’dan, and Alarak. Because I guess Gul’dan wasn’t edgy enough. This event will last until the next major HotS update, whenever that will be.

As for the new Anomaly, the devs are introducing a “call for help” feature that automatically diverts target acquisition for defensive towers to an enemy hero that’s attacking you, provided you’re close enough to a friendly tower. Non-ARAM Battleground Cores are also getting some unique abilities when they’re under attack as well, such as tornadoes on Sky Temple or nuclear strikes on Warhead Junction. Suddenly, whaling on a Core could become a bit more interesting, though if a match has devolved to that point, it’s likely delaying the inevitable anyway.

source: press release
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