Legends of Runeterra previews the Noxus region and confirms an April 30 launch date


Riot Games’ digital CCG Legends of Runeterra is about to step out of open beta and into fully-launched product, confirming its launch on PC and mobile this coming Thursday, April 30th, with no wipes and cross-play and cross-accounts between the PC and mobile versions.

Part of that launch is likely going to include the new Noxus region, which features cards that are fast and hard-hitting. These cards focus on pressure, dishing out damage before the opponent has time to put its guard up. As one would expect from such an aggressive series of cards, they’re more focused on attack and not defense, so if you’re the more aggressive sort, then you’ll probably be intrigued by this particular region.

An FAQ for Runeterra’s launch has been posted to the website that deals with when mobile launches, system specs, supported languages, and what happens with the start of the next ranked season. For now, the game has kicked out another update that makes some “fairly minor” nerfs and also adjusts some champions; the build notes are available for your reading pleasure now.

sources: YouTube, official site (1, 2)

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Bruno Brito

Ah yes, Riot retconning Noxus to be all about giving people a chance and only competence being the grease that moves them forward.

The same Noxus that has Vlad, a murderer, and has one of the regent houses being a house of assassins ( the DuCoteaus and Talon ). The same Noxus that has Swain as commander, and Sion as a revived vanguard.

The same Noxus that has Darius and Draven, a frontline butcher that basically leaves you to bleed after slicing your arteries in the battlefield, if you’re lucky he doesn’t cleave you in half. And let’s not talk about the arena mad dog that is his brother.

But slave girl trailer.

You know, considering the last real news we got from Riot, i watched that trailer and felt it was a bad joke. Slave weak girl becomes strong by a sterring speech from a strongman, and defies her ages old harasser and chief in command.

Yeah. Bad joke.