RIFT tests new world bosses as Defiance asks players to hunt mutants


They’re not dead; they’d like to take a walk! Gamigo’s ever-shambling MMOs RIFT and Defiance are doing some new things to keep however many players are playing engaged.

This past Monday and Friday, the test server for RIFT opened up for a few hours to test some new world bosses. These tests appear to be a bit sporadic in their timing, but RIFT players at least know that some new big monsters are about to rumble their way into the game at some point soon.

As for Defiance, the second week of the Mutant-Free Paradise community event rolls on, tasking players of both Defiance titles with taking out 100,000 specific Rifleman enemies. Those who help out with this goal will get a number of rewards based on the game they’re playing, with the top three contributors getting a unique forum and Discord title. This leg of the event runs between now and Saturday, April 18th.


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Danny Smith

“Defiance asks people to login and play at all” FTFY


I get the impression that Rift only has one dev but at least he’s active in the Discord.