Riot Games talks about the tech that keeps Valorant running smoothly and free of wallhack cheats


Riot Games is all in on making sure Valorant is one of the better-running and protected competitive FPS titles in the industry, and they’re ready to talk to their players all about it in both a new video and in a dev blog.

In the video, two of Riot’s technical developers discuss the things they’re doing to make sure connections to Valorant are smooth as can be in order to maintain competitive integrity. Their solution is twofold, with the creation of their own ISP called Riot Direct that reduces the amount of connections players will need in order to link to their local server and can be expanded wherever there are lots of players needing the service, and 128-tick servers that feature smoothing technology and other features that more closely link where players actually are in the game space for more accurate shots.

On the subject of wallhacks, which let players see through walls, Valorant’s anti-cheat lead discusses a technology developed known as Fog of War that has been built specifically to protect against this sort of cheat. The blog takes a very deep dive into the nuts and bolts of how it all works, but ultimately says that Fog of War is just one of several measures being taken to ensure that the shooter stays secure and cheat-free.

“By having all our developers working together on security problems, we believe we’ve built the best foundation possible for battling cheaters. And we’ll continue to dedicate ourselves to finding new solutions for keeping Valorant secure.”

In other Valorant news, if you’re hungry to get in on the closed beta but can’t stand the personalities of certain Twitch streamers to get a key, you’re in luck: Any streamer can now drop closed beta access if they’re streaming Valorant. This doesn’t mean that the number of Twitch drops are increasing so much as there are more avenues for players to get that access.

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