Riot Games talks about the tech that keeps Valorant running smoothly and free of wallhack cheats


Riot Games is all in on making sure Valorant is one of the better-running and protected competitive FPS titles in the industry, and they’re ready to talk to their players all about it in both a new video and in a dev blog.

In the video, two of Riot’s technical developers discuss the things they’re doing to make sure connections to Valorant are smooth as can be in order to maintain competitive integrity. Their solution is twofold, with the creation of their own ISP called Riot Direct that reduces the amount of connections players will need in order to link to their local server and can be expanded wherever there are lots of players needing the service, and 128-tick servers that feature smoothing technology and other features that more closely link where players actually are in the game space for more accurate shots.

On the subject of wallhacks, which let players see through walls, Valorant’s anti-cheat lead discusses a technology developed known as Fog of War that has been built specifically to protect against this sort of cheat. The blog takes a very deep dive into the nuts and bolts of how it all works, but ultimately says that Fog of War is just one of several measures being taken to ensure that the shooter stays secure and cheat-free.

“By having all our developers working together on security problems, we believe we’ve built the best foundation possible for battling cheaters. And we’ll continue to dedicate ourselves to finding new solutions for keeping Valorant secure.”

In other Valorant news, if you’re hungry to get in on the closed beta but can’t stand the personalities of certain Twitch streamers to get a key, you’re in luck: Any streamer can now drop closed beta access if they’re streaming Valorant. This doesn’t mean that the number of Twitch drops are increasing so much as there are more avenues for players to get that access.


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with so many of the game developers i follow, their game slowly takes shape against a backdrop of endless struggles with money, resources, time and burnout. it’s refreshing to see development where all those concerns are swept aside and just doing the best game you can becomes the singular challenge.

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agemyth 😩

I’m surprised no high profile games (afaik) have held beta access at ransom behind Twitch viewing before. It’s such a devious and effective way to get people to farm stream views for you at the low cost of giving free keys to streamers. In this case they don’t even need to pay the streamers since everyone who wants eyes on them will play Valorant while this promo is going.

Part of that is greatly helped by Riot’s confidence in the quality of the product to look good and drive demand, but honestly people will do farm twitch views for far less. I’ve farmed Dota 2 tournament viewing for tiny chance of getting item drops that usually aren’t any good. Never got a single drop from that either.

The level of access Riot is getting to the players’ computers seems to be the same as the other big anti-cheat providers out there, and games with that tech still struggle in the fight against cheaters and bots. I find it hard to get particularly mad at Riot about that when they have to do this or depend on third party support to do the same thing. They built their own internet for their games, so building their own anti-cheat seems like a thing they would do.

TherecDaMage .

It still shocks me that so many people are fine with Riot installing rootkit access to their computers so that there will be less cheating in the game. People were up in arms every time a publisher whispered about always-on DRM, but as long as they feel that they’re playing their favorite PvP game on a fair field, the developer can have whatever access they want to the PC.


And they’re 100% owned by Tencent. But don’t worry, nothing bad could ever happen.

Alexus Yanova

Good to see them taking cheating seriously, hopefully they also monitor forums which discuss multiplayer cheats.

Funny you mention certain streamer personalities – the Valorant is so popular now that streamers become very toxic when their viewers suggest streamer to play another game, here is one example of that

So it is good that now viewers can go watch less toxic streams now if they want the key and want to view the game on stream.