Leaderboard: Are you giving Fallout 76 a second chance?


Fallout 76 has not had the best couple of years. As MOP’s Justin said in his column rounding up Bethsoft’s worst flubs – and there were many – in the game since its launch in 2018, “Fallout 76 would sorely teach me the definition of the term ‘to settle.'”

And yet Justin, along with many other MMO players and Fallout fans, still went back to the game this week for the Wastelanders launch, which pushes the game more into MMO territory thanks to factions and NPCs.

Of course, not everyone who’s gone back is actually enjoying the experience. On Steam, where the game launched for the first time this week ($40 for newcomers, free for existing owners who secured their accounts prior to the release), players have flocked to post their opinions and review-bomb the game. (The bomb hasn’t been entirely successful, as reviews as merely “mixed” as I type this, but there’s plenty of grousing to be found.)

We’ll have our impressions up next week, but in the meantime, I’m curious about our readers, who have been… let’s just say fairly critical of the game along the way. Did you go back, and how are you finding it so far? Are you giving Fallout 76 a second chance?

Leaderboard: Are you giving Fallout 76 a second chance?

  • I played Fallout 76 before and am now playing Wastelanders. (32%, 112 Votes)
  • I played Fallout 76 before and returned for Wastelanders but have already left. (3%, 9 Votes)
  • I played Fallout 76 before but will not go back for Wastelanders. (5%, 16 Votes)
  • I played Fallout 76 before but am still uncertain about returning. (7%, 25 Votes)
  • I didn't play Fallout 76 before Wastelanders, but I am playing now. (4%, 14 Votes)
  • I didn't play Fallout 76 before Wastelanders, but I tried the expansion and have already quit. (0%, 1 Votes)
  • I didn't play Fallout 76 before, and I'm not going to play it now. (35%, 124 Votes)
  • I didn't play Fallout 76 before, but I am currently debating picking it up now. (9%, 33 Votes)
  • Something else - tell us in the comments! (1%, 2 Votes)
  • No reply / view tally / post-apoc nuke butts (5%, 17 Votes)

Total Voters: 353

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Fallout 76 was the first Fallout game since the original that I did not buy.

I knew that the game’s “make your own fun, kids!” aspect was not for me, and I confess, I felt that the publisher was hoping for a faster/easier money earner in releasing a “content lite” Fallout game.

The release of Wastelanders seems like an after-the-fact attempt to change Fallout 76 back into something resembling a traditional Fallout game.

My opinion right now is along the lines of, “They had their shot … it failed to appeal to me, and I’ve moved on to other games”.

My plan is to wait and to see what they offer with the next Fallout game.

Still, if everybody and their NPC dog suddenly starts talking about how completely awesome Fallout 76 finally is, with the additional Wastelanders content, I’ll consider giving it a look.


At launch I enjoyed exploring and running around with a few friends. Afterwards I still logged in from time to time just to roam around. With DLC I am enjoying the game in a more traditional FO 3/4 experience.

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Sean Barfoot

More bad games is bad, more good games is good. Bad games becoming good, also good.

Don’t really see the need for all the righteous indignation. Anyone who even glanced at this game prior to and at launch could see it wasn’t worth playing and the reviews just confirmed that.

Robert Mann

Dedicated server tools (like every other similar game if you want to host) for free… and it MIGHT interest me a tiny bit. I haven’t really done Fallout since 2, so the odds are pretty small, but it’s always possible I’d run around with friends in such an environment.

Not about to do the silly pay to play scheme on that. If we wanted a server for more than a handful, sure. Not having any other option though? Nope, won’t support that whatsoever.


It’s very much worth playing now, in my opinion. I picked it up yesterday and I’ve dumped five hours into it so far. The writing really good, the voice acting is great, and so far I’d say the story is more interesting than Fallout 4. Roleplay-wise, it’s easily a better game thanks to the unvoiced protagonist. Very much having fun, though I still wish there was a way to have a private world without subscribing to Fallout 1st. We’re finally in the Fallout 76 redemption arc, as far as I’m concerned.


Logged in. Ran to a building and saw NPCs. Got scared. Logged out.


Fallout 1 was an amazing, trope-busting, atmospheric game.
Fallout 2 was more content and certainly more polished but felt about 1/2 as entertaining.
Fallout 3 was about 1/3 as good as 2.
Fallout 4 was, you guessed it, 1/4 of that.
Fallout 76…well, you do the progression.

Axetwin .

No. I’ve never played the game in the first place and don’t ever intend to. Not for some outraged reason involving the state of the game. But instead because I feel a multiplayer Fallout goes against the spirit of the franchise.


Wastelanders is actually… great. I was expecting 2-3 dumpster fires and it’s really pretty smooth aside from some old issues that haven’t been resolved.


I would if it was free.