Old School RuneScape brings more player requested improvements in the latest update

Recoloring the Tangleroot pet is serious business


There’s a fresh update for Old School RuneScape, and much like the last one, this one continues to add Poll #70 requests, which means that there’s likely something that’s pretty important to players in this patch.

Were you desperate to transform your Tangleroot pet? There are now five fashionable choices available. Angry that quantity buttons in the bank deposit box weren’t around? Well, now they are. The update also introduces a set effect for the Inquisitor’s Armor from The Nightmare of Ashihama boss, the ability to convert several Revenant Cave weapons into revenant ether, and an update to the sawmill plank buying UI among other changes.

Overall, these all seem to be pretty minor changes, but for those who voted on seeing these updates included, they’re all likely a big deal.


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