OrbusVR’s Secrets of Mugwood DLC launches April 28 with new zones and story


Adorable virtual reality MMORPG OrbusVR has come such a long way since we first began covering it three years ago, with more content pumped out along the way than some far bigger mainstream titles. Now it’s plotting more: Secrets of Mugwood, a “mini story pack” set to launch April 28th. Ad Alternum is calling it its “first foray into in-game DLC.”

“Mini Story Pack #1: Secrets of Mugwood will introduce 10-15 hours of new gameplay. The adventure will play out over 4 new mini zones (as well as a “miniaturized” version of Pierre Cenn’s shop), exploration of which will be further enhanced by the addition of a new climbing mechanic. Pack players will earn 3 new armor sets and 2 new weapons (per class), as well as extras such as mounts, pets, Player House furniture, and more. In addition to climbing, the Mini Story Pack will also introduce a new Treasure Hunt mechanic in which players use fragments of a map to find hidden treasure chests in the new mini zones.”

The studio says the DLC will run just under 10 bucks for the buy-to-play MMO, and while it will be playable by both groups and solo players, it won’t offer advantages over players who don’t buy it. OrbusVR has reportedly pulled in “almost 100,000 players” – not shabby at all for a game that requires a virtual reality headset.

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