Zul’Gurub is live in World of Warcraft: Classic with an actual world first kill achieved

But no badger.

So Zul’Gurub is available for raiding in World of Warcraft: Classic right now as part of the fourth phase of content updates, and the guild BLaDE of KiLL managed to already accomplish a world-first kill. No, not a first kill of the boss on WoW Classic, but a kill that never happened in the original version of the game! The guild downed Hakkar with all five aspects still alive, making for a much more difficult fight and also making for a fight that had never been done successfully before now. It’s a real first!

Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t drop in and play through the content for the first time yourself, as the raid even gets a full trailer for you to enjoy just below. It has trolls, it has animal aspects, it has undead, it has 13 bosses to fight. You can even go fight through it right now, although if it’s your first time in you probably should not attempt to fight Hakkar with all five aspects alive. That’s kind of a high-end thing.


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This is good filler content, especially for guilds struggling to get 30+ players for the raids.