Destiny 2 pits its three classes against one another in the Guardian Games event on April 21


The spirit of competition is coming to Destiny 2 and for once it’s not about PvP. OK, it will likely involve a bit of PvP, but ultimately the upcoming Guardian Games event will see which of the game’s three classes are the best.

Between Tuesday, April 21st, and Monday, May 11th, all players of the shooter will be able to speak with Eva Levante to get daily challenges for points on the scoreboard as well as earn Laurels in activities for more points.

In the short-term, rewards for taking part include daily reward packages, a new Exotic machine gun, and metallic class items that change to bronze, silver, or gold depending on where the class stands on the leaderboard. In the long-term, the class that has the most points by the end of the event will have a permanent reminder of their win displayed in the Tower for the rest of the year, along with their metallic items being locked to either bronze, silver, or gold depending on that class’ finishing place.

Naturally, there are other goodies available for players like new Sparrows, ships, and emotes through the Eververse in-game store, and the Bungie Rewards program is feeling the space Olympic spirit with a box of physical schwag when players complete the weekly “On Your Laurels” quest.

Details for this upcoming event can be found either on Bungie’s website or in the Help section, and a trailer announcing the games is below.


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This season has been pretty atrocious so far for me.

While many of the guns are visually appealing (I prefer “modern era” looking guns rather than futuristic bug alien guns) I dislike basically everything about them. The bases are bad. The mod options on them are bad. Everything being close range in game that heavily punishes melee is bad. This leaves very little for me to go after as the guns I’d normally chase aren’t worth chasing and all the mods/armor revolve around said guns to work.

The story is neat and all and I’ve followed up with that, but basically this one is a big dud to me. Last season I was like season pass 500, this one I won’t break 50.

TJ French

Glad to see they are listening to the players in absolutely no way.


Warlocks unite!