NCsoft is already sunsetting its Aion: Legions of War mobile MMO


It’s been a good half a year since we covered Aion: Legions of War, the mobile MMO spun-off from the Aion franchise, back for its October update, when NCsoft was already talking about fixing the newbie experience for a title that was less than a year old. So it won’t surprise you now to learn that NCsoft is shuttering the game.

“Since the launch of Aion: Legions of War, players from around the world have ventured into Atreia to stand alongside Ren and Astria in the battle against Raven’s Balaurian forces,” the studio wrote this week. “The fight has been a valiant one, and we’re incredibly lucky to have had you by our side along the way. Today, however, we must share that a difficult business decision has been made to bring Aion: Legions of War to an end.”

NCsoft notes that while it’s shut down downloads and IAPs, it will continue running events for existing players through June 19th. MMO players will recall that the game launched in January of 2019, just a few days after NCsoft laid off an unknown number of employees who’d built the game under the Iron Tiger Studios banner.

Our condolences extend to affected players and rank-and-file developers.


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