Global Chat: That moment when you realize you chose the wrong MMO class


Have you ever gotten deep into a character’s journey in an MMO — and gradually realized that you’d picked the wrong class for you without any easy way to switch to a better one? That’s a sucky feeling, and Paeroka over at Nerdy Bookahs shared a few instances where this happened in her games.

“I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the progression in MMOs,” she said, “just that some games are more lenient towards changing your main character without having you feel thrown back to being a complete newbie. That is, some are more ‘alt-friendly’ than others.”

Big time.

The Ancient Gaming Noob: I fly a Titan at last

“Of course, once you have a Titan fitted out and ready to go you want to do something with it. So I asked in local is there was anybody I could shoot. I am too nice sometimes. I spotted a few people I probably could have shot, but I wanted a volunteer. And I got one.  A person in a Chimera, the Caldari carrier, fleeted up with me and warped on over. I locked him up and unleashed the doomsday.”

Indiecator: Getting back into the grind in Destiny 2

“Overall, I’m rather happy with the min-maxing and customization that is possible in Destiny 2 and I really like the characters, the story and the gunplay, so I might get back into it now that I know that my luck with these weapon-rolls is kind of big.”

Contains Moderate Peril: LOTRO’s producer letter 2020

“At first glance it sounds as if there’s something for everyone. A catalogue of PVE content, adjustments to the legendary items systems, a designated PVP server, more premium housing (this time in Rohan) and a further legendary server offering greater content difficulty. However, as ever the devil is in the detail and until we know more the vagaries are somewhat frustrating.”

GamingSF: Red Fens adventures in DDO

“I’d say we are experienced MMORPG players and we work very well as a team – we’ve been playing MMOs together for 13 or so years now. But we are much less experienced at DDO and the game has its own challenges, almost unique to the genre. The prominence and potential dangers represented by traps is a level above most games. Traps can kill your character if you’re caught unawares – which is exactly how we like it. Discovering new content has been the biggest enjoyment out of this free content access period for me, and I dare say the others too.”

Nerd Girl Thoughts: FFXIV is not for me

“At this point, I’ve pretty much decided I won’t be going back to this one. I’ve heard people say that the story is absolutely worth it, but so far? I don’t care about any of this, certainly not to the level which would make me struggle through weird maps and unsatisfying combat.”

Lina’s Biscuity Burrow: Playing and making music in LOTRO

“This is a short guide with tips and tricks for those who would like to give this a try. It is not a very detailed guide, but rather a broad overview of the major things you need to do, with links to useful tools and sources. The first four steps give you the basics of getting set up to play music, while the latter three are more for those who wish to go further and create their own songs.”

Mailvatar: Even better than flying in ArcheAge

“While ArcheAge’s world doesn’t have regions specifically and obviously designed for gliding – Bhagpuss has a lot of praise for those in GW2 – it’s a mechanic that really enhances the gameplay wherever you go and whatever you do in the game. For me these gliders hit the sweet spot between having ‘real’ flying mounts and being grounded entirely dead on.”

Every day there are tons of terrific, insightful, and unusual articles posted across the MMO gaming blogosphere — and every day, Justin reads as many as he can. Global Chat is a sampling of noteworthy essays, rants, and guides from the past few weeks of MMO discourse.

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Castagere Shaikura

Skyforge and how it locked away all but 3 starting classes none of which I like so I quit the game. I thought and still think this idea of locking classes is dumb as hell.

Kickstarter Donor

The benefit of being an Alt-o-holic is that you cannot pick the wrong class as you play EVERYTHING :)

Adam Russell

The only thing that might keep me from switching immediately would be if I was in a raid team already.

Toy Clown

To my ex-husband’s chagrin when we were playing EQ, I realized I didn’t enjoy playing a Druid in groups and dropped the character in favor of creating a cleric. He enjoyed the ports and pocket healer, but I hated how weak the character was in group content and I was often left behind in favor of a Cleric.

I did the same thing in EQ2: Started out with a Shaman because it sounded cool on paper, but I dropped the character when I hit the 40’s, which was near end-game at that point, and turned around and made a Warden, which I enjoyed far better.

Husbandless by the time I was playing GW2, I instead had friends to annoy when the first character I made was a Ranger and spent months getting increasingly upset at their lack of cool armor in the beginning of the game. Three months later I swapped out for a Necromancer and stuck with it. I kept both characters and made them look alike with the same name-ish, further expanding my wardrobe options as a RPer.

I did the same in BDO. Played a Witch for 2-3 years maybe? When Lahn released, I swapped out characters and never went back, except to play dress-up.

I’m also notorious for spending hours creating a character, logging into a game and ditching them for looking bad under the game’s lighting. My REAL friends know not to wait for me when I’m creating characters. Even when it comes to RP, if I can’t feel comfortable taking a character’s backstory out for a spin, I’ll ditch their backstory and re-do it. The last character I made in SWGL was like that. My friend was feeling put-out when I changed my character’s backstory 3 times before going public with her. lol

But once I’ve made up my mind, I’m good!

Kickstarter Donor

My main in EverQuest II was a total mistake for me, but I played the character on and off for years before I realized that, while I liked the fictional guy I’d created, his adventure history, and all the cool stuff he’d experienced, his character class became less and less fun as I played it.

If memory serves, the class was Templar — what I thought I chose was a tanky-type who occasionally smote bad things with holy magic. I eventually realized that the class was largely played best the other way around: heavy armor and weapons aside, I spent most of my battles casting spells.

Not what I thought I signed up for … :-)

Eventually, I moved into playing a couple of alts with classes I liked better, but that high-level main had all the cool experiences and treasures that the new characters could only wish they had. :-)

Bruno Brito

If memory serves, the class was Templar — what I thought I chose was a tanky-type who occasionally smote bad things with holy magic. I eventually realized that the class was largely played best the other way around: heavy armor and weapons aside, I spent most of my battles casting spells.

It’s a core issue with Priests in EQ2. You’ll mostly have melee damage with Inquisitor, Warden and Mystic, if i well recall, who have melee specs.


I hear people say about FFXIV all the time: “just stick with it. The story sucks in the beginning and it’s slow, but it gets better”. I mean, is that really what you want to be doing? Going through an absolute slog just to EVENTUALLY have fun? That would personally drive me crazy.

Objectively, FFXIV is a sloooow burner. And i loved it from the very start. This is an advice for all you younglings out there: don’t play something you don’t enjoy. If you don’t get hooked to an MMO – it’s ok. Pleeeenty of games out there. Don’t feel forced by the community to waste time on something that just doesn’t feel right. It’s ok not to like something.

Kickstarter Donor

Well, said, Loopy. If it ain’t fun, don’t do it. Rules for living!

Hope all is well!


Hopefully once they revise the story for 5.3 this will be less of an issue. I love the game but there’s a lot I find absolutely frustrating. The retainer/banking system, inventory, the UI in general, the process of simply buying endgame gear (how many vendors do we really need?). They really need a UI expert or three to make some changes.