MMO Week in Review: Earnestly hoping for Fallout’s redemption


The global pandemic continues canceling gaming events, but MMOs keep on going – some of them better than ever. Fallout 76, Guild Wars 2, EverQuest II, and DC Universe Online were all the beneficiaries of major content drops this week; Daybreak’s Holly Longdale swapped over to Blizzard; we poked our noses into upcoming sandbox MMO Fractured; and the ESRB and PEGI took a few feeble baby steps toward dealing with the lockbox problem.

Read on to catch up with the very best of this week’s MMO news and opinions today as every Sunday in Massively Overpowered’s Week in Review!


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Alexus Yanova

I do not believe the Fallout 76 can be completely “redeemed” any time soon or ever. It is true that the added content has significantly improved the game – the quests have interesting story, the dialogue is fully voiced with plenty of jokes and I enjoyed doing them. However, the game is still pretty flawed in many ways:

– I still notice large amount of bugs with floating items or NPC enemies respawning inside the ground or suddenly spawning outside of your field of view, or quest NPCs not spawning or quest items not spawning until you jump servers
– The character animations are still laughably bad. This is most noticeable with various animals by observing their movement and very noticeable during conversations with NPCs by looking at their faces or their body movement (for example watch the movement of hands of the Duchess in Wayward when you are doing her quest).
– There is still no text chat which is inexcusable for any multiplayer game considering many people cannot use voice chat due to various reasons, including social anxiety and physical disabilities. This basically makes the game “single player” for people who do not use voice chat and cannot tell a random player to join a Discord or download text chat mod.
– The camp that you build on public server is still not persistent and will disappear the moment you log off and the amount of decorations are very limited and they all look pretty ugly due to the type of engine used in Fallout 76. Whatever you build on public server is not useful to anyone while you are offline. If you just like to build pretty stuff or into decorating your housing so the others can see and tell how pretty it is or like to build stuff which can be useful for someone even if you are not playing game – there are games which do it much better.
– In game world is still VERY SMALL, you can explore whole map area not including vaults in just few hours. I know someone might say “but it took me several month to explore it” – it is irrelevant how slow YOU explore things to people who want to explore things faster.
– The “endgame” still consists of boring “kill legendary monsters” (which have no challenge except the amount of bullets you need to waste on them) in hopes to get a useful legendary item or to convert useless legendary items into scrips or “do daily quests and random encounter events for the faction reputation” grind, there is absolutely nothing else interesting to do such as socializing with random people who are not on your friends list considering you cannot use text chat, you cannot manually select a server based on population and each server has very limited amount of players (you might get into server with few people who just want to do their own thing and not communicate with you or join you for anything).
– Due to the dated and ancient engine which was never meant for any multiplayer, there are still working exploit programs which allow you things like teleporting to any location or view location of every player, every NPC and every item in world. Duplication of items is still possible using third-party program. You can also do things like teleport to certain vendor and loot all items such as recipes this vendor sells. And Bethesda does not have any cheat detection mechanism which would scan for such third-party programs (but hey, this should be viewed as “positive thing” for people who have irrational fear towards any anticheat mechanism).
– Private servers are still not allowed, by “private servers” I mean servers which are hosted by players, with any mods the players want to run on those servers and any amount of players the server owner wants to allow on such server.

Most of these will only affect people who are already done with a story and many players will say “this does not affect me” but this does not change the fact that these issues exist and judging by the time it takes Bethesda to fix issues it may take few more years for them to deal with those, or they might just abandon these completely.


Pretty much spot on. I think to get it into something that can really last and help build up communities you need to work on the multiplayer stuff. You must have text chat in this game. If they won’t give us private servers yet, with mods, they could at least give the option to choose servers and show the stats.


I guess I’m weird in that I was already enjoying Fallout 76 off and on due to a few factors: the crazy level of exploration it has (with beautiful and varied environments to boot), the depth of its character builds (with SPECIALs, perk cards, and whether or not you want to dive into mutations), and just the overall atmosphere. If Fallout 76 was a donut, then Wastelanders is basically the equivalent of injecting it with jelly or cream.

I think the game’s always had great potential and it feels like they’re moving in a great direction towards drawing out that potential. There are still most certainly flaws, and the Wastelanders content does only go so far, but it sets a precedent for more factions, more settlements, etc. to fill the world with.

Oh and hopefully the One Wasteland/Appalachia (equivalent to ESO’s One Tamriel) patch will be coming by summer or fall so the game can be even better.


76 has been pretty fun. I don’t really know, but I’m afraid they’re gonna run out or only be a part of just a few quest chains. When that happens, it’s gonna be time to stop, again.

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Richard de Leon III

Redemption for Bethesda will come when Fallout 5 comes out with no online, mods, and offline split play.