The Daily Grind: Do you enjoy fishing in your MMOs?


Playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons with my wife means getting used to the reality that I have to do fishing. The game doesn’t really give you the option of never fishing. This is a struggle for me, as categorically I dislike fishing; it’s basically on my list of things to never bother with in most games, with none of my characters having done more than a few minutes of fishing in World of Warcraft.

This is just me, of course; I know some people love fishing. Heck, even for all my general dislike, I still have Fisher capped in Final Fantasy XIV, even though I am confessedly not a fan of the general system or feel. And the chance to spend time just quietly watching the landscape while waiting for a fish to bite has a certain appeal for those who want to idly chat with some low-impact gameplay. So do you enjoy fishing in your MMOs, and do you miss it in games that for whatever reason don’t offer it as a side activity?

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Danny Smith

In most games i’ll play it but its rare i will enjoy it. The WoW version -while they have tried a couple of things in pandaria and wod in particular to change it- is still just click fish button, click lure button on repeat.

The most obvious go to for me is FFXIV but thats a real different kettle of fish since its not a little side thing but an entire Job like Black Mage or Dark Knight, that means:
-Its own levelling system
-Its own spell book of abilities
-Its own quests
-Its own gear
-Stuff you unlock later like sky fishing, sand fishing and underwater spear fishing
-Things like Big Fishing and Ocean Fishing
-Rotations, stat breaks and a heavy reliance on bait and time/weather

Which honestly kind of feels unfair to compare that to most mmo fishing. But i enjoy it the most of them all purely because of the variety. You get your cooking mats, your prints, fish for your housing aquariums and stuff. Its a nice downtime Job in the job system which is a lot less mindless than say Botanist or Miner in XIV and in mmo’s in general i haven’t found much like it i enjoy as much.

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Nope. Fishing in video-games, for me, is divided between the ones I’m neutral towards and those I actively dislike. Most MMO fishing falls into the later category.

I do occasionally spend time fishing, though, both because of needing it and because I’m fairly good at multi-tasking; I’m able to fish in a MMO and play another game on a portable console without sacrificing (much) performance in either, which is the only thing that makes fishing in MMOs bearable for me.


I hate fishing IRL. Last time I went fishing was when I was a kid. It’s the most boring thing I’ve ever done. Worst part was, I caught a fish, but because of the rules at the park where the pond was, I had to throw it back. So, I didn’t get to eat it, which to me is the whole point of fishing. It was just torturing the poor fish for “sport”.

In games, I hate it even more. Started with The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess on Wii. I wasn’t able to get past the tutorial on how to fish, no matter how much I tried. It made the game a waste of time and money because of the damned fishing.

I’ve never played a fishing minigame I liked. The best ones are where you just activate a fishing spot, but then I’m sitting there wasting my finite lifespan watching my character fish. If I have to do something AFK, there’s no point in playing the game. The worst ones require me to actively participate. If I don’t press buttons exactly right, I don’t get anything, and if I do, it could be junk!

It’s all a waste of my valuable gaming time.

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I fish in Minecraft actually fish not AFK fish like a lot of folks do for the loots. I do have a collection system that feeds into my storage but I find the actual fishing part relaxing so I do that myself usually while listening to a podcast or music.


…err, no. Not really. :(

Castagere Shaikura

Free Realms fishing was fun because of the lightheartedness of the whole game.

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Brazen Bondar

Don’t really like fishing IRL or in games. I’ve done it when necessary. In Wizard 101 you have to fish to do obtain certain crafting materials. It isn’t a part of any other game that I played or enjoyed (AO,TSW, SWTOR).

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I like fishing in real life and in games, and i’m frustrated with games because many of them offer fishing pole as the only way to go fishing, where is fishing nets? boats? traps? games can and should do more, casting and waiting is no enough to make fishing engaging for many players.


I love a game a fleshed out fishing system. Spent many hours casting a lure in XIV and ESO.

Having a nice guild to talk to while fishing makes it even better.


I don’t enjoy fishing in real life… I’ve yet to figure out why MMOs think I’d enjoy fishing in a game.