Dauntless teases next Escalation and battle pass, previews the Torgadoro monster


While we got an earlier, more broad-strokes look at what’s coming next to Dauntless, the development roadmap update is often the location where players can keep up to date with some of the more impending changes, and that site has since seen a couple of updates.

The roadmap is now teasing it’s next Escalation mode, which will deal with umbral elements; expect spookiness, lots of purple, and perhaps a new umbral-aspected monster to fight. There’s also a tease of the next Hunt Pass known as Rogue Elements, which apparently involves tech-style cosmetics inspired by rogue members of the Ostian Navy judging by the teaser image. Finally, the roadmap states that “client-authoritative dodging” — a fancy term for timing dodges even in poor network conditions — is in the final stages of internal testing.

In other Dauntless updates, the team has provided a video dev diary on the creation of the recently released Torgadoro monster, which arrived to the game with the Scorched Earth update. You can get a look at how people craft an angry lava gorilla in the embed below.

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