EVE Online recaps contentious Surgical Strike tweaks and quality-of-life changes


EVE Online has once more put together another Pulse video full of news updates and recent information. Just in case you’re the sort who enjoys hearing heavy accents and watching video instead of reading dev blogs.

The video opens with a nod to the recent – and incredibly contentiousSurgical Strike update along with some proposed tweaks such as Tech II battleships getting a scan resolution increase, a 20% reduction in damage for structure-guided bombs, and increased HP for Tech I freighters.

From there, the video details several quality-of-life features that were included in the Surgical Strike update. These include the ability to copy inventory contents from icon view; the ability to multi-fit from station containers; more collapsible lists; new market search functionality that finds matching items as you type instead of waiting for players to hit the enter key to begin a search; and the ability to copy structure profiles.

The video also covers topics like improving the minutes for CSM meetings, some new SKIN sales for the Avatar, and a broadcast with Rooks and Kings this Sunday on CCP’s Twitch channel.

source: YouTube
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